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My new Blogofile blog

January 11, 2011 at 05:30 PM

Hello all.

With every New Year comes new resolutions, and mine was to revamp my blog. So here it is, shining new, and all with flat files. It's computed using the awesome little blogging engine called Blogofile. It's updated using Emacs and git, with a hook that automatically rebuilds every file from source files and Mako templates.

I migrated from a Zine blog which was leaking to death (probably due to a bad/weird paster setup of mine). The whole operation took about 5 hours, including the migration of my 20 other blog posts.

It uses the Disqus commenting system so it really doesn't need anything dynamic on the server side.

If things are wrong or have changed in an unexpected way, please leave a comment below. Thanks

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