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Job in Montreal, for Python and web lovers

May 12, 2011 at 03:40 PM

Savoir-faire Linux

Are you a fan of the web ? Fond of the latest technologies ? You love Python, and maybe you've tried PHP in the past ? You're a FLOSS lover and know Linux personally ? Savoir-faire Linux is the place for you! Being the Free Software reference in Canada, we're a small and friendly S.M.B. that's growing fast.

We have some great work for you, a great environment, a nice office. We're located in Montreal, Canada -- a very nice place if you haven't visited yet.

We are a FLOSS service company that offers expertise on a variety of open source / free software products. We also do some in-house software development and integration of OSS bricks.

We're looking to hire on two fronts: PHP and Python development, both heavily oriented towards the web.

First, we're looking for some good PHP developers to add to our task force. We currently have projects running with Drupal and Symfony.

Second, we're seeking talented Python developers, to do some web oriented development, as well as system-level programming and integration.

Candidates must know the HTML/CSS/JS stack thoroughly. Being in some small and cross-functional teams, candidates will be called to work on all aspects of web apps (design, usability, integration, back-end programming, database and server-side components integration, etc), depending on the interests and capacities of the team members. Candidates must be eager to learn a lot of new stuff (our teams like a constant dose of innovation). We use the Scrum methodology in house and invest a lot in our employees to help them get up to speed with development best practices.

If you're a student, then obviously you don't need to know all these things already, but you should be ready to work hard, on real projects and learn quite a bunch of new things.

Candidates will have opportunities - if desired - to teach what they learn in some of our training classes, to act as consultants at our customers' place, to learn from our support center and infrastructure development team. We are not a huge company so you won't be a number here. Work atmosphere is great, the office is cool (even in the summer :), we sometimes can travel for the job, we've got flexible schedules, a social club, we often have "techno-lunches" (midi-technos) to share our knowledge, and there's plenty of good food around (we're located near the Marché Jean-Talon).

For more details, see:

We're waiting for your resume here: and mention this blog in the body of your message.

UPDATE June 7th: corrected typos

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