geek joy

I have been working with goa for the past few days and I must admit I’ve been impressed.

You define your API in code, it generates your swagger.json file as well as plenty of boilerplate code for you. It distinguishes nicely what belongs to code generation and what belongs to your business logic.

One thing I was trying to do with the current version, was to stream files in and out (like a file server API).

Here is a sample controller streaming out some io.Reader content:

func (c *ArtifactController) Get(ctx *app.GetArtifactContext) error {
	file, size, err := storageClient.GetFile(ctx.ArtifactPath)
	if err != nil {
		ctx.Error("storageClient.GetFile", "err", err)
		return err

	ctx.Header().Set("Content-Length", fmt.Sprintf("%d", size))

	_, err = io.Copy(ctx, file)
	return err

Writing the header before running io.Copy() is the trick to make sure the goa controller understand that you’ve handled the request properly, and it doesn’t need to generate a 500 error.

Thanks to pdevty for the design